Why Choose Us?

Written by Amanda J. Ahmed, MA, EdM, CCC-SLP


You have many options when choosing a therapy provider for your loved one's care.  

Choosing a therapist- owned clinic for your services has many benefits: 

Personalized Treatment.

As a speech and language pathologist and parent of two growing girls, I can tell you first-hand it's not easy navigating the world of rehabilitative services for an adult or child.  One of the greatest blessings for me is the joy of hiring only the best clinicians.  This means I only hire highly-qualified staff that I would trust to work with my own family.  That says it all. 

We are connected. 

Every therapist at Summit helps you connect to your physician team so we are on the same page.


Need an evening appointment?  Okay, we close at 6:30 PM. 

Need a same-week appointment?  We offer same-week scheduling, no wait list, ever!

Remote services?  We use a cutting-edge, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system                    that has games & resources so you don't have to leave home!  

No Facility Fee. 

You pay for your evaluations and treatments, delivered by a therapist with no overhead or "facility fee," saving you extra expense for more personalized, private therapy.  For more information see our FAQs.  

Thank you for choosing us!

What Makes Us Different?

We have created a three-part system to make therapy effective and enjoyable, simply named, FUN! Our therapy is:

Functional: Your loved one will have goals that allow them to communicate across every-day settings effectively, based on your/their input, not based solely from test results.


Unique: Each individual plan and goals are set with your input, not from a “goal bank”, custom-tailored to help you or your loved one succeed.


Necessary: We track progress every session using an in-house data collection system. We decide together when you have reached your goals or need a change in goals. If a refresher therapy session or two is needed, come back!


This formula is the key to seeing quality results using evidence-based practice.

We welcome the opportunity to help you.