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Speech Therapist

Can a Speech Therapist Help You?

Are you struggling with speech? Do you find that your child is falling behind in his or her education because of speech and language concerns? If so, schedule a consultation with Summit Speech Therapy in Frisco, TX, and let our team provides you with insight and guidance into how you can overcome these concerns or improve them to improve quality of life.
When you meet with our speech therapist, you will learn, one-on-one, what your needs are. This includes determining what could be happening to cause these concerns. We can then offer treatment solutions that fit your needs. A speech therapist can help you with improving communication after a stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, behavior challenges, autism, articulation, and much more. It all starts with a consultation with our team. We will then help to diagnose the condition and create a treatment plan for addressing each of the concerns you have.



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