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Speech Pathology

What Is Speech Pathology?

Are you looking for a therapist that specializes in speech pathology? This is one of the most valuable areas of treatment for people who have any type of speech or language related concern. In this area, a pathologist works to prevent as well as treat a range of speech, language, and communication concerns. They also work with cognitive communication, swallowing disorders, and stroke-related needs. At Summit Speech Therapy, we focus on prevention when possible, assessment of the condition, diagnosis, and treatment.
When you turn to a professional that is licensed in speech pathology, you are getting hands-on care for your needs. When you visit us in Frisco, TX, we will discuss each one of your concerns with you, assess what could be happening, and then create a customized treatment plan to address it. For many adults and children, this is a critical step in improving communication but also quality of life.

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