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Speech Language Pathology

When Do You Need to Seek Speech Language Pathology?

Speech language pathology services are available to adults and children. While it tends to be common for a child’s doctor to recommend these services, you can reach out to our team at Summit Speech Therapy as soon as you would like to. We recommend doing so if you have any type of language or communication-related concern, even if you are unsure a pathologist can provide you with the level and type of care you need.
Our speech language pathology services are designed to fit your needs. Most people have very unique speech requirements, which is why it is so important to have a customized treatment plan. Did you have a stroke and struggle with speaking? Do you have advancing Parkinson’s disease and need some help? Perhaps you had a brain injury and now have trouble with memory or speaking. We can also work with you if language or developmental delays impact your child’s ability to learn.

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