Speech Language Pathologist Near Me

Speech Language Pathologist Near Me Solutions for Advancing Conditions

Can a speech language pathologist near me help with conditions that are getting worse? There are many times when speech related problems can worsen over time. In some cases, age-related conditions or illness can also worsen speech conditions. There are many examples of this. For example, conditions such as apraxia and aphasia can develop after a stroke or brain injury. This can occur at an older age.
However, a speech language pathologist near me can help with many of these and other needs. At Summit Speech Therapy in Frisco, TX, we work closely with you to provide treatment options that fit each one of your needs. For those who have conditions such as Parkinson’s disease can also benefit from this type of treatment. The key is to come to our team to learn more about the treatment options available to you for any concerns you have.

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